Ascension II: Center Station

Center Station was the best Juno had to offer. The Colony Administration Complex dominated the neighborhood. Around it were what few level 3 accommodations and shops the weak economy could support. With 7,000 inhabitants, 3 medium sized manufacturing plants and dozens of service buildings, Juno Station was sizable.

The Loop came above ground here and stopped at a platform opposite the ColAdmin. This station was crowded with workers heading home trading places with others seeking leisure. Pitcher blended in with ease in his new jumpsuit. The Colonial police sat on hoverbikes at the edge of the platform and paid him no mind.

He descended to street level, the corner of Halsey and Nimitz and spun knowingly toward Hooligan’s. Two blocks later he stood in front of a neon sign above airlock doors. He brushed past some offworlders and entered.

Hooligan’s was a trinketmart, crap from all over the colonies made its way here. Also access to the black market, but it was the rooms for rent which interested him.

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