On the Scene, Ready for It

A battered pick-up ferried Doctor Wonder to the disaster in progress, driven by a pair of well intentioned citizens eager for their hero to arrive in a timely fashion. The hero thanked them, weakly and quietly, before turning to carefully make his way through the police barricade.

Wide eyes and gaped jaws met his uncharacteristically muted arrival. Even the villain, a hirsute gentleman of questionable hygiene, seemed taken aback, pausing in his throaty taunting of the assembled masses. He and the recently arrived d0-gooder stood at appropriate challenge distance, considering one another.

Doctor Wonder broke the silence, “You should…I mean, by the trust vested in me….no, that’s not it. Look, it’s been a rough week. Did you want to fight or give up or what?”

A grotesque cackle of laughter filled the town square and nearly curdled the blood of the onlookers, “Fight?! Of course, we fight! Do we not live for the fight?!”

With a sigh, the hero agreed flatly, “Alright. Let’s get it over with.”

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