Ascension II: Quick Change

Once inside Hooligan’s Pitcher was bombarded by sights and sounds which frayed his prison cell mind. Abundant neon, BarkerBots selling wares and locals and offworlders rummaging through countless bins hit him from all sides. All he really wanted was a change of clothes, some staples and a room.

His discomfort peaked when an employee invaded his space. “Hi there Atomworker! My name is Sven, I know, it’s a cultural name from Earth…Oh well!” The skinny blonde with LEDTatts animated all over his body giggled.

“I am looking for some clothing.” Pitcher directed.

“Oh,OK Mr. Serious, this way. Can I get that bod of yours into something more, more…umm…Juno? Sven bounced toward a series of racks and shelves.


In a few minutes Pitcher was dressed more appropriately – all black. He bagged the jumpsuit for later use and approached the back counter.

“I need a room.” No questions asked and a wave of the Credit Ring completed the transaction.

“Is that him?”


“Watch him close.”

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