The Great Troubles

No one knew who fired the first shot. We do know that it came after the terrible earthquakes of 2052. The long promised “Big One” was far more devastating than anyone could have ever predicted. In a matter of seconds, L.A, San Francisco, and hundreds of towns and cities on the West Coast were reduced to rubble. An estimated 15 million people were killed in the initial quake. In the following weeks and months, another 20 million succumbed to exposure, starvation and disease.

To say the country was in a state of chaos would be an understatement. Millions flooded East across the Rockies. Riots erupted in both major cities and small villages alike. With the refugees came disease. The Army had tried to contain refugees to the States West of the Rockies. Grossly undermanned, checkpoints and containment areas fell in the face of the human tide rising against them.

The government was powerless to stop it. People demanded answers. It was in this void that the “Party of The Righteous” seized their chance to move.

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