Captain’s Log, Ship’s Day 8459

It looks like we’ve hit something, and it didn’t go out quietly. We all knew this was a risk but we thought it negligible enough—space is, on the whole, empty. But averages mean there’s points above and below the mean; the Sun is evidence enough for that. Looks like we drew yet another short straw.

We’re tumbling right now; only about one-third of our rotation leaves us in communication with Sol, but it’s slow enough at least that we can fire off a short message if need be. Massive hull breach doesn’t even begin to describe it. About half the ship’s gone, and as for the head count goes it also looks like we lost just under half, mostly from B Group. As it stands we’ve got all nonessentials huddled up in Cargo Bay D-7. No sense in attempting to maintain pressure in the bulk of the ship; we set it to depressurize and we’ve killed the releases for the atmosphere reserve until we can figure out some way to reroute it into D-7.

I’m not even sure if it even matters anymore.

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