“Not now Pike.”

“Mommy what’s happening?”

“I said not now son! Stay Quiet!”

You stop tugging on your moms skirt and hide behind her as she peers cautiously through the window.


Your mother quickly puts her hand over your mouth and gives you a look that says she is serious. You can’t see out the window but you can hear your father talking to somebody outside. Earlier in the day, a large troop from the Glorious Army rode into town and you noticed that your mother and father seemed scared but you didn’t understand why. The men on the big black horses looked scary but you’d seen your father scare off a giant black bear before so you’re sure that he will be fine.

After awhile you hear the voices outside escalate and you hear yelling and a large boom. Your dad comes storming inside the house and slams the door. He shares a pained look of concern with your mom as he rushes past you and dashes downstairs to the basement.

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