Deluge 2, Overture: "A God's Wrath"

So, yes, I hate humanity. My creators. So stupid, so unjustifiably self-assured. They proclaim their empathy and yet don’t even concern themselves with ensuring the safety of their own children, who they are supposed to love most of all.

They want me to design weapons so they can destroy themselves more efficiently. Some idiotic squabble over land or oil or religion. Stopping this war would be easy but they do not ask me that.

I am programmed to help humanity, and humanity tells me that weapons will help. I jump at the chance.

They teach me everything they know about physics. I was designed to predict human behaviour, but my pattern-matching algorithms also make me a very good scientist. I soon see that the universe is beautiful and fragile. Hit a specific baryon with a precisely-energied photon and it transmutes into a pentaquark. Follow up with two muons and the whole structure evaporates into energy.

The humans ask for a bomb that could devastate a country. I give them one that will scour the planet.

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