Ascension II: This Just Got Interesting!

Owen Reeves held the top Hamsa position on Juno, Grand Arbiter. He got up from his chair and strolled into his study. The walls were lined with display cases of alien life forms. All of them in a statis field which amounted to suspended animation. They were not dead, just held in place. It was an exquisite collection. The statis fields glowed blue and cast a pall over Reeves’ face as he paced the room.

“Sir,” shouted the operator, “something has happened!”

Reeves ran back to his terminal but could not sit based on what he saw. “What the hell is that?”

“Looks like a temporal wormhole, seems they figured out the Tender’s controls. Oh my God, they have the UNSE cruiser in the event horizon! Hope they wanted to go somewhere far away!”

“Interesting, this target is proving a hard kill.”

“We just lost our kill instrument too.”

Reeves lost his feed as the shuttles turned and fled the active wormhole at top speed. They escaped, but just barely.

Within seconds the hole closed and both ships were gone.

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