Daddy's Hands

I can remember him always being there. Yes, he worked a lot and spent a ton of time at the fire station. But he never missed a ballgame, he never missed a school play or choir performance. My daddy was not alway the happiest, but he struggled with things only dads struggle with. We were never privy to such things. He made sure we never knew about family hardships. I think it was because he wanted us to grow up with the worries of children, not adults.
Never once, have I ever felt unloved. I’ve never doubted that he would be there for me. And he always has been.
To this day, my daddy makes sure he tells me he loves me. He gives the best hugs and prays for us. He’s always there, strong and confident to help however we need him. His hands are strong and gentle even when we needed a firmer hand. It was always in love. He has the true heart of a servant and loves people, often at his own expense.
Now, as I sit in this hospital room wanting so bad to help him.
All I can do is hold those gentle hands…..and Pray

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