The Mysterious Illness

“How many freaking blood tests do they need?” he said as the technician came in to draw yet again, another two vials of blood. “You guys are gonna suck me dry!”
“yep, that’s why they call us Vampires, Mr. Walters.” the slender twenty something girl said.
His wife sat in the chair next to his bed kitting, while his daughter sat in the recliner typing something on her iPad. " What tests is this blood for?" the daughter said looking up from her typing.
llThe technician looked at the orders and spouted something about a test for protein, a few other initials she didn’t understand and a hepatitis screen. Then promptly left to suck the blood from another poor soul who had been in the hospital for a while. They all shrugged their shoulders and when back to what they were doing before the interruption.
The wife decided to go get a Latte’ downstairs. Ya gotta love a Hospital with a Starbucks.

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