Away from Archons

“What do you know of The Library?” said the girl, she could not have been 5 feet tall. Strokes of red hair escaped the cowl that hid her face from me.
“My mother spoke of it when i was a kid,” i answered.
“We have to move!!” Vlad pointed, “Archons are coming and if we’re caught.”
“I know what they do to people,” the girl removed her hood to reveal an angelic freckled face, with eyes so green they pierced me to my core. She bore a mark on her neck.
I gawked, “You’re a Chosen?”
“We’re doomed,” Vlad feared.
“But, I don’t understand. I thought you hid knowledge from Common-Folk.”
“Some of us believe that it is cruel to deny humanity its right to be be free.” she took my hand, ’You must come with me before I am seen,"
I was in no position to argue and followed expediently and in silence.
The ruins gave way to large streets and vistas loomed over by charred edifices of broken glass and melted steel.
“What is the place?” Vlad asked.
“The waste,” the girl said, and she pointed, ’And there, is the Library!"

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