Test Time

Semi-silence punctuated by melodic scratches of graphite on crisp white A4, slight sighs, and soft moans of defeat. An occasional hand tentatively reaches upward and a squeaky-voiced question is posed,
“How many examples do we need?”
“How many examples do you think you need to show me your knowledge?” Answering a question with a question; a common teacher’s trick.
“Did we learn about this?” No time for a hand, this voice calls out in almost anger. A head nod is the only response. “No! I don’t remember this!”
“It was on the review paper.” The girl hisses as more of a warning to be quiet than an answer. He slowly brings his shaking head down in disbelief to re-read the question as if it’ll magically open up an answer in his mind.
Creaking chairs lull the room back into a quiet that brings the second hand to life. Looks of anger, frustration, and anxiety flash upwards in accusation; trust me students, this is not my favorite day either. And don’t forget, I have to grade these.

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