Let’s get messy;
Let’s run around
In places we’ve never experienced before;
Let’s spend the whole day under the Sun
And the night in a tree.

Let’s get wet;
Let’s find a lake
And jump in, shoes and all;
Let’s share towels and shoes and body heat;
Let’s dive off cliffs
Watching the Earth rocket towards us,
Unafraid of falling.

Let’s get naked;
Let’s press our skin together
Until two become one and one becomes insignificant;
Let’s wrap up in sheets and cuddle under duvets
And walk around with our bare skin on show;
Let’s dance
The dance that has been rejoiced throughout history,
As if the world beyond our bubble doesn’t matter.

Let’s get quiet;
Let’s become silenced
By the sheer awesomeness of the sky on a clear night;
Let’s become enveloped by the stars,
So that even the fire stops crackling
And though our backs lie heavy on the ground,
The sky is a sea,
And we float upwards,
And I remember you, and my hand grabs yours,
And we drift heavenwards together
As if the day wasn’t perfect enough.

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