The Field

Robbie looked up to see the blue sky with its fluffy clouds, wondering how it got so sunny this morning. The night before, liquid dripped onto the roof, the clouds forcefully pushing drops upon his house. When he looked outside the window, nothing seemed visible except the bright white light in the sky every so often, which showed itself every time the thunder boomed.
Now, everything looked bright, cloudless, undisturbed. He felt content, yet worried for something he couldn’t quite be sure of. The field is gorgeous, filled with life. Flowers were blooming, birds were singing, the trees looked lovely. Everything seemed wonderful, so he didn’t know why he could be feeling so worried.
With her tongue sticking out, eyes bright with curiosity, Robbie’s dog jogged in front of him. Her jog turned to sprint. She sprinted to the big tree by the edge of the field, then Robbie could no longer see her.
The clouds turned grey. The wind turned cold. Confused, Robbie jogged over. Nothing. Nothing but the tree.

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