A Heart is a Heavy Burden

a heart is a heavy burden,
what can I say?
we feel so deep that
we let ourselves
become so

we drown ourselves
in our own poison
because we like
to believe that
we are hurt
and that we
need someone
to take care of us.

a heart is a heavy burden,
and just because we experience
pain does not mean that
we are broken.

we are invincible,
we are titanium,
we are every sweet
breath of wind to relieve
the hot summer’s sun and
every birdsong in the dark
of night,
every lover’s whisper
administrated through tangled
sheets and cups of coffee
and letters written and rewritten
over and over again perhaps never
to be sent.

we live in every slant
of light heaved through
shuttered morning windows,
in every dewdrop and tear alike;
we are life because we feel
and we exist and we
are connected in this
world to understand.

a heart is a heavy burden,
yes that much is true…
but isn’t it worth it?

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