A Hidden Bird

She called my name, but a loud flutter and rustle muffled its sound. She called again and this time I heard her.
I pushed back the feathered curtains and broke from the chains of stale air. Far beyond where we stood on the balcony, a field stretched to the end of the earth. Green and deciduous, it was weak.
“Want another hit?” She asked, paraphernalia in hand. Of course I did.
Smoke took the place of nerves in my lungs & stomach, circulating through me.
I felt unaware of her presence, though I saw her, right there in front of me. Her hips peeked out, pale with porcelain stretch marks. My eyes traveled up her body and I marveled at her stance. It was strong and relaxed and curved. Mountain lips formed to release air and words, “Such a pretty girl.”
Her kisses seemed impromptu and as high as I was, I was dizzy with lust and green dust.
An avalanche tumbled from those mountains and her snake eyes peered under expectant expression. She fucked me in the warmth of morning sun.
I shrunk with every burst.

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