Under The Stars

They lay there, looking up at the star filled sky
Holding onto each other as if they were afraid the other may vanish in a dream
Hand in hand, legs entwined, skin to skin- almost as one

The sunset over the lake had been so beautiful and still
you could almost hear it.
The passion they felt was so intense that neither one
could seem to contain it
And at the same time holding onto it
slowly letting it seep out into the other
ever so slowly as they made such sweet tender Love
under a blanket of stars in the autumn sky.

The breeze was cool over their skin
drying the beads of warm sweat that lingered
from their most intimate encounter
A shiver ran through them both simultaneously
It was as though they were one flesh
sharing the same feelings and sensations

Suddenly a bird outside the window startled her awake
She lay there a moment
It was so real.
She felt the sweat and the chill
was it a dream, a vision
or a memory?

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