Natures Call

Suddenly, without warning, all, including the wind , fell eerily silent. The trees slowed their enchanted dance and for a brief moment all was unearthly still. The only sound – the drums telling their story, their history, their song -coming to a slow methodical halt.

There, high above the meadow, an Eagle sat watching over the celebration of life. The ritual was a tradition of the children of the forest. Then as if to send a message of finality- as it was every spring, The large proud bird of prey let out a long ear piercing screech. Far off in the distance, a female eagle sent forth a passionate replay.

The four foot tall male spread his magnificent ten foot wingspan and leaped up in to the the sky. The reply to his call was the culmination of the ritual. What a sight to behold. It marked the beginning of the season of pairing. The time for all who hear natures melody to find a mate.

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