Sitting on a porch swing, rocking back and forth, coffee mug in hand, she closes her eyes and just listens. The sounds and smells of spring fill her senses. The thrumming of the carpenter bees flitting this way and that, chasing each other in a frenzy of instinctual copulation and nest building, fill her ears. The birds calling for their mates is a sweet sound. The trees add their soft leafy rustle to the cacophony of sound as a light spring breeze begins to blow. She inhales the smell fresh mown grass and exhales.
Her senses are heightened with her eyes closed. It’s so peaceful here. In that moment, she hasn’t a care in the world.
Just then, a loud PLOP is heard off to her right. She waits, a slow click, click click begins. Then more in response. The tree frogs add their music to the springtime symphony. They get louder and faster, as though they are trying to out do one another in a crescendo of croaking clicks. Slowly, one by one they stop, until the only sound coming from the pond – one lone frog – stops.

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