Mysterious Illness (part 2)

Her mom shut the door and Hope went back to typing while her dad tried to get more sleep, a respite from the nauseating dizzy spells that had become so frequent the past few days.
As the man in the bed began to drift off to sleep she could hear his breathing begin to relax .

That’s all she wanted for this man who had been her champion, her hero, her protector for so many years, Rest. They just wanted the doctors figure out what sent him to the hospital in the first place. He had experienced so much the past few days, They were all frustrated and tired. Now he just keeps getting dizzy and light headed, and in turn nauseous.

He looked so pitiful,lying in that bed. This strong, capable man who always had a solution to what she needed or could get the answer , Now lying helpless in a hospital bed not able to help himself.

It made her sad. NO………… it scared her to death. This was her daddy. And all she could do was pray for him……and wait. Now he needed help and there is was nothing she could do.

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