Bushes rustle and branches snap as I quickly run through them. My lungs are burning from the amount of activity I’m putting them through. I could hear it. The wolf chasing me. He makes less noise than I do. His graceful motions are to his advantage. I have no idea where he is. I look back quickly and see that nothing is there. I swiftly return my attention to what’s in front of me.

I jump over a fallen log. My legs almost give out on me and I nearly stumble to the floor. It takes me a few seconds to regain my balance. I lost all my momentum. So I stopped and searched around for somewhere to hide. The trees are too tall for me to climb. The bushes are too easily discovered.

I have no idea where I can go to hide. The wolf, he’s getting closer. I can sense it.

“Scarlet, come back,” the Wolf called out. “Let’s play a game.”

My heart fell. He’s coming. I put on my red hood and start running again. And there I saw it, a nook in the majestic tree ahead of me.

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