Monster (My verse) (Rap)

Who’s the monster
with the biggest mouth?
swallowing the world
spitting nothing out

Heartless, inside is darkness
black holes and vacuum
disintegrating matter
all I do is consume

I’ve got all the answers
my solution to pollution
is to choke you, leave you
confused with contusions

bruised, shattered delusions
child hood illusions ruined
accused of loosing truths
opposite of losing is what I’m doing

this is our last supper
I plan to beat you
from New York to Macchu Piccu
rip you apart and eat you

a king among demons
torturing diseased peons
trapped in hell with the heat on
been propagating strife for eons

Seeing elites as equals
fallen thrones, ifrits, and succubi
feasting on innocence
sweet as a dead baby’s lullaby

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