From the Shadows

She wore the darkness like a veil, drawing it softly across her face as she peered from the shadows, careful never to lean too far and risk too much.

The lights and colours were astounding – and the noise of the crowds lifted her high on hands and shoulders, passing her gaze towards the centre of the chaos.

She could see his hat from where she stood.

Like all the other thousands in the square that day, she had and gossip about his movements. He had fought his way through fire and death, and was returning back to his people, a hero!

The kingdom would once again have a King – and years of civil war would be brought to an end beneath his reign. The nightmare of battle would be forgotten during the years of peace to come. The people would remember his victories and not the horror of his rise to power.

She named him Usurper.

He would fear the darkness, because his demise would come from the darkness.

He could keep the throne warm for her.

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