Gone but Never Forgotten

The slender figure of a woman appeared through the mist, her appearance was ashen as her pale skin was almost transparent, apart from the single teardrop that rolled down her hollow cheekbone. The expression she gave whilst she looked out onto the still river was solemn and mystified; as she looked as though she was lost from another era, though it seemed she perhaps recognised her surroundings, as if she’d been here before… The clothes she wore had no resemblance to the year at present, with her outfit consisting of a dark green velvet gown, an olive corset and a matching feathered hat.

A part of me yearned to touch this mystifying and exceedingly curious woman, yet the aura that surrounded her told me not too… Perhaps as a warning that this female had been touched before but with a different intention. I thought aloud on this last comment and I seemed to startle her, she focused her icy grey eyes onto mine and mouthed two distinctive words, so clear they seemed to echo in my mind for days after…

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