Perfect time to Panic.

The fire crackled and popped as I poked it with the stick I had found beside me. I was left in my own company while Dan wandered over the hill to find a suitable tree to relieve himself. I grew curious as minutes passed. I mean, how long could it possibly take? I threw the stick into the fire and walked up and over the hill, scanning the tree’s for him. “Dan!, Hurry up. It’s getting cold.” … “Dan?” … I started to get worried when I didn’t get a reply. “Dan, that’s not funny! Come on! The bugs are starting to bother me.” I swatted a few mosquitoes before turning back towards our tent. “GOTCHA!” yelled Dan as he leaped from behind a tree and latched his arms around me, giggling at the sight of me nearly peeing myself. “You’re such a jerk! You know that! You scared me half to death.” Dan, still giggling at the sight of me, placed a soft kiss on my forehead before heading back to the tent to rest. I followed closely and tucked myself into the sleeping bag next to him.

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