A Poem About You

Somewhere along the way,
you got hurt, and there’s no
denying it.

Whether you’ve been jobless,
loveless, homeless, or lonely,
there’s been a time in your
life when you’ve been missing

But there’s a catch.

You are everything you will
ever need.

You don’t need to have all the
answers; you don’t need to
know what tomorrow will
bring and the day after that.

There’s no use straining
over control, spending all
your time and effort searching
for the stars.

The stars are right here,
with every breath.

And they shine so brilliantly.

Once you realize this, you will
never truly be jobless, or loveless
or homeless or lonely.

You are a solitude of comfort
and freshness all on your own.

You will flourish from the
passion that you have sewn.

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