Animal Intentions

“This can’t happen to me! It’s not supposed to happen to me! I was only stopping by for a drink.” This thought keeps running through my head as I lay here, wrists and ankles bound together.

I didn’t want them to touch me anymore, they had already done enough. The door at the top of the stairs had swung open and closed again, and the creak of the rotting stairs gave away the presence of someone else. I clenched my eyes shut as they reached the bottom of the stairs, peeking quickly through one eye as he approached once more.

My attempts to scream were muffled by my own panties, which had been forcefully stuffed and taped tightly into my mouth. Humiliated, and utterly exhausted, I lay here helpless as he again, continues to assault me.

I squirm as his dry, cracked hands run over my breasts and down to my hips, grasping and forcing open my legs. I struggled to keep them closed but his grip was too strong.

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