Lawn Mower Derby

The mower purred to a stop. Dave wiped his brow and surveyed the checkered pattern in the even grass. Now that the chore was finished, the real fun could begin.

He climbed aboard the 1996 Cub Cadet with its deck removed. It was spray painted black and red with the name “Dracula” on the sides. It sputtered to life, black smoke turning blue as he gave it throttle.

The course was lined with bales of straw, a dirt rectangle surrounded by metal risers. The mowers lined up along both sides. At the foghorn start, Dave turned to back into a green mower called “Swamp Thing”. The crowd cheered. “Swamp Thing” threw a belt. He ruthlessly went after each competitor in turn. Two heats later and “Dracula” was up against yellow “Scurvy Dog” for the trophy.

The judges called for a face off, ten yards apart. The green flag dropped and “Dracula” growled forward, front left tire missing. “Scurvy” inched forward on four flat tires, hood long gone. “Dracula” hit first, finally blowing his radiator. The crowd cheered.

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