“Kelly, what are you doing?”

“I’m going back.” Kelly replied.

“But.. Why?” I added.

“Why not?” Said Kelly. “It’s so peaceful out here, Dan. Now I know why you come here so much.”

“Kelly wait.” I stopped, glancing up at the sky. “Look, it’s getting dark. We really should be trying to find hel-” Kelly interrupted as her hand stroked down the center of my chest. “We really should be heading back to our camp.” She said, in a sexy, mysterious voice.
Her intentions were pretty clear. Kelly turned and continued through the woods, playfully shaking her butt, knowing that I was looking, Hard. With a half grin, I shook my head and followed.

“Hold on babe, my shoe came untied.” I knelt down, re-tying the laces. “ah, there we go.” I said, looking up to notice that Kelly was nowhere in sight. “Kelly?…Babe, where are you?…KELLY!?” I could’t understand where she had gone, she was just in front of me. “Aw come on!” I mumbled as I looked through the trees ahead of me. She couldn’t have been walking that fast.

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