Hang in there.

It was hard to keep Kelly calm when I had broke into a nervous panic myself. I helped her to her feet but she complained that her muscles were too sore for her to walk. I picked her up and quickly brought her to the car.

“Hang in there baby!” I said as I buckled her up and slid into the drivers seat.

The battery was dead so I had to come up with another solution. I wasn’t going to be able to push start it, she was in no position to take the wheel.

‘Wait a minute,’ I had an idea. The SUV was parked on the slope of a hill, ‘Maybe, just maybe I can get this to work.’ I hit the clutch, shifted into second and we began to creep forward down the hill.

“Dan, what’s going on?” Questioned Kelly.

“We’re getting out of here.”

As we picked up a bit of speed, I released the clutch, hit the gas and with a quick jolt, the engine turned.

With a sigh of relief I placed my hand in Kelly’s lap. “Don’t worry Hun, we’ll get you to a Hospital soon.”

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