Employee Handbook

Schneider excelled in customer relations. he felt he manipulated it tactfully; leaving the customer believing they’d made the choice, all-the-while the choice had already been made for them.

People often think atrocities are forced upon them. In most cases, they aren’t; it’s sold. Schneider was a great salesmen, customers rarely fell out of line or complained when given specific instructions. Go here, go there; stop here, stop there. Women & children and the elderly over here; healthy men, over there.

It was the metered pace Schneider cared about, he hated rushing customers. Most of them didn’t have the strength to run and only caused panic if one fell and the customer had to be dealt with harshly.

Schneider’s eyes followed his line up the hill, keenly watching customers trudging along, some scratching and picking at their infected tattoos. They lurched towards bonfires, large warehouses and train platforms. He was happy to be upwind from the fires; the smell would cause the customers to panic.

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