Taking Control

Conversation between Kelly’s parents.

“I am not going to stand here and let Kelly continue to see that boy!

“Oh, let it go, Diane. They are two grown adults capable of making their own decisions.”

“No, they are obviously not capable of making their own decisions, Roger! If they had been acting like adults, they would have never put themselves in that position.”

“In what position Diane? Having fun? Taking risks? They are adults, they are in love and they are going to make their own life together.”

“The hell they are!!”

“Our job is to guide her on the right path, you can’t scorn her for paving her own.”

“Well, this is not the kind of life she needs Roger!”

“So what life does she need? The one you’ve chosen for her? All her life sh-”

Front door opens

“Hi Dad. … Oh, hey Mom..”

“Hey sweetie. What are you up to?”

“I’m just grabbing some stuff to take to Dan’s.”

“Kelly, I thought we talked abo-”

“I’m not discussing this, Mom. I told you, I’m moving in with Dan!”

“Kelly wait… Kelly stop!

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