The wind was fierce and the young lieutenant shifted his weight as he stood upon the narrow causeway, high above the crashing waves. An ambassador to the coming fury, a large droplet fell and splashed upon his bloodstained boots. The lieutenant’s eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the approaching storm with a calculated gaze.

A messenger stood silently at his side with an outstretched hand, waiting for him to take the roll of parchment. The lieutenant regarded her calm composure and without word took the orders from her. He quickly read and penned a reply, he nodded once as he handed it back to her and she left at a run.

Turning back to the scene in front on him he suddenly felt the cold bite of the wind and as the rain began to fall he drew his heavy cloak tighter. Taking one last look out over the rolling sea and ever darkening sky, he turned to board the waiting ship.

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