One Day at a Time

It was late, but the horses needed to be fed. After all, they couldn’t feed themselves. She walked out to the pasture with buckets in hand.
The night was cool and dry. The moon shone bright at it’s half light. The only light in the darkness was the moon and about a hundred fireflies. Their tiny little butts lighting up the night air like a mini fireworks show just for her.
She dumped the first bucket in the gelding’s feed tub, then put it on the ground, opened the gate and dumped the other into the mare’s tub a few feet away.
She took a moment to run her hands over the mare while she ate. Taking in the beauty of the night sky, all the constellations staring down at her, her mind drifted to a happier time.
She tried to remember the last time she saw his face, the sound of his voice or how his touch felt.
It was almost gone.

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