The Return

The prophesies of the Christian Bible fulfilled, Jesus recently returned to Earth. There was no fanfare of angels or great shining beams of light, instead His return came quietly one Wednesday afternoon.

Jesus first visited Jerusalem. He surveyed all the promised land. He surveyed all the surrounding lands. Yes, the prophesies were fulfilled, but yet- He brushed away the thought, muttering, “surely not!”

Jesus travelled to Rome, the seat of His church. We mixed up the calendar; observing the wrong day as the Sabbath. “Well, that can’t be right!” He told a passerby. To be sure, following a stray lead, He went to a small museum in Kentucky. “No,” He said, “Humans did not co-exist with dinosaurs! No wonder the rapture failed! They all got it wrong!”

His chosen people badly interpreted His teachings. So, disgusted, he waited no longer; He returned to Heaven. “Father, forgive me, but I cannot rule over these people. Give them all to Satan.”

“Sorry, Son. He already rejected them,” came the reply.

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