Forbidden Love

“Mary!” the young man exclaimed as he dashed into the barn, “I won’t wait any longer. I’ve decided to tell you how I really feel. I couldn’t forget about you. Everyone thinks I’ve gone insane, but ever since I first laid eyes on you, I knew we were meant to be together. I want to live here with you. D-Do you think that would be possible.”

“I-I can understand how you feel. But if you lived here, you’d need to pull your weight. Can you help with the work?” the surprised maid replied

“Of course! Anything.”

The girl coyly lowered her gaze and asked in a gentle tone. “Will you be kind?”

“Yes, I swear it. Is that good enough?”

The girl remained silent for a moment. After much thought, she finally gave a shy nod.

“Mary! Mary! Mary!”

The man joyfully leaped forward and suddenly embraced the sheep which had been standing next to the girl.

“Eeeep!” the sheep cried as the man hugged her tighter.

“Hey be careful. She doesn’t like it when you squish her like that.”

“Ah, sorry it’s just that I love Mary so much.”

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