War and Water

Dan rubbed my shoulders, loosening the knot of tension that had built up between them. I slowly relaxed into his massage.

“Let’s run a warm bath, huh?” he murmured into my ear.

I let him retreat to the bathroom. I heard the water start and contemplated removing my clothes or letting him do it.

Loud screaming outside drew my attention. A woman was cussing and throwing things from the apartment upstairs. I saw something fly down in front of the window outside. A man ran down the stairs screaming back. She slammed the door. The windows shook in Dan’s bedroom. Heavy footfalls stomped across the ceiling and another door slammed upstairs.

“So much for a peaceful bath, huh?” I quipped.

“You hear that?”

“Yeah, I mean, it was loud, those two.”

The running water sound decreased. “No, that.” There was a pause, then Dan cursed.


He sprinted past me to the utility closet in the hall. I went to the bathroom. A fountain was spraying out from under the sink, fading as the water main was shut off. Great.

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