Survival Against the Odds

We used to roam these woods and forests freely. We outnumbered our predators. Our dens were safe and secure and our pups grew and thrived. We balanced the world. The Elk and the deer flourished as we did. There was no disease and over population in our ecosystem. All life was in balance. As Mother Nature and God intended it.
Then, the predators came. Our only foe. They didn’t see us as an asset, only a threat to THEIR way of life. They hunted us for our pelts. We ran. High into the mountains, but they followed. Maddened by greed and selfish desires. Never stopping to think of our worth to the land.
Our packs got smaller. Our litters,smaller. Our species, smaller. Red, black, Grey and white. We all struggled to survive.
Now, we struggle to hang on to what little we have left. Only now, when it is almost too late, do some of them see our worth. We’re bred in captivity to be reintroduced to a land we never knew.
The land of our ancestors. There are still those who hunt us out of fear.
We just want to survive.

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