Thank You for the Memory

Hi. I know I am the last person on earth you ever want to hear from again. You’ve made that quite clear. But it’s been almost a year. I hope you are doing well and are happy. That’s all I ever truly wanted, ya know. Was for you to be happy. I know you said that you never wanted to have any contact; and I’ve tried really hard to respect that. Whatever your reasons. But it’s been almost a year….and … to be honest…. I still just miss you.
Forget the sex, as great as it was. Forget the sin, as bad as it was. Forget the disapproval of everyone we know.
Damn it! I just plain miss you. I miss our long talks, our honesty with each other. I miss the way you made me feel about myself. How you made me feel beautiful, sexy and desirable, when I felt the opposite. I miss feeling sincerely cared about and validated; As though I actually mattered to someone. I miss everything about you- your smell, your touch, your passion for what interests you. I miss loving you back- unconditionally.
Just wanted to say-Thank you.

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