The Billionaire (4)

The Billionaire looked at the group and let that comment hang.

“I said that as long as I did not do anything overtly criminal I could remain there for at least 6 months without being terminated. My friend laughed. Don’t forget, we were young and green.” The Billionaire reclined in his high-back white leather chair. “So he took the bet. He scoffed that when I did get fired paying off the bet would hurt more. Does anyone know what happened? Can you guess? Adam, can you guess?” The Billionaire singled out Adam Lewis, whose role he could not recall, but did have pursed lips as if he wanted to speak.

“You won the bet?” He squeaked.

“Of course! That is a easy answer because it is absurd to consider any other outcome. Of course I won. I did everything wrong an employee could do! I came in late then left early. I missed deliverables, meetings and goals. However, my own boss gave me chance after chance. He begged me to explain my poor performance, I just said I was trying my best. I quit on my own after 8 months.”

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