The Library of the Forbidden and Unknowable

Three visitors came to the Library of the Forbidden and Unknowable that day, which was unusual, as most beings considered it somewhere between terrifying and suicidal.

The first visitor strode in, confidently, head held high, and demanded loudly to the tired desk librarian and the room in general, “I wish to see the Chief Librarian!” This request would lead to quite a lot of trouble for everyone involved, but in the roughly three hours the desk librarian accompanied the first visitor, she never seemed to notice or care.

The second visitor, being a friendlier person, simply walked up to the desk, and politely asked, “Excuse me? I would like to borrow a book.” Despite the simplicity of the request, this would lead to a whole lot of trouble for all involved.

The third visitor arrived near the end of the day, just as the sun began to near the broken horizon of the Dark City. She was a close friend of the now exhausted desk librarian, who was glad of some repose after the unusually busy day.

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