The Library of the Forbidden and Unknowable: The First Visitor

“Do- Do you have an appointment?” The desk librarian asked, somewhat taken aback at the visitor’s brashness. You don’t just walk into the Library of the Forbidden and Unknowable and demand to see the Chief Librarian. At least, nobody had done it yet.

The visitor took two steps closer to the desk, heels clicking and echoing in the empty hall, and intoned in an intimidating (at least to the librarian) voice, “That is not necessary.”

The desk librarian had not received any instructions on what to do in this situation. The best way to deal with it seemed to be to ask someone else, and hope they knew what to do.

She got up and began to move towards the office section of the library. “If you’ll just wait here for a few minutes-”

“I will not wait.” This was not the kind of interruption to get offended and argue with. The librarian froze mid-step, and the visitor walked around the desk to follow her. The librarian completed her step, considered for second to argue, thought better of it, and entered the offices.

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