Random Prompt 1: The Forgotten God

The sandstone columns seemed to glow a dusky red in the burning dusk light, marking them out from the sand and shadows which swallowed most of the ancient temple. The small party of travellers staggered towards it.
“Do you think this could be it?” one gasped. “The Lost Temple of Sutekh, the God of the Desert?”
The chief archaeologist could only nod, silenced by awe and thirst.
They trailed through the pillared halls and courtyard, staring at the odd carvings of feast after feast. At last, they found the inner sanctum, its door intact. As night fell, they heaved it open and by lamplight crept into that most holy place.
As their eyes adjusted, it slowly grew plain that something was wrong with the statue hidden here. Its head was not that of the mysterious Set-Beast – instead a grinning pig-face surmounted the statue.
“Who dares enter this sanctuary!” A voice squealed from the air itself.
“We mean no harm, Great Sutekh, Lord of the Desert!”
“Sutekh? Screw that guy. I am Souffle, Lord of the Dessert!”

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