Something Strange is Growing in the Garden (Part 5)

Maggie tried her hardest not to come up with any more imaginary friends. It wasn’t easy, though. She had gone three weeks without one and she was starting to feel so very lonesome. Occasionally she would peek out her window into the garden to see what Dirt Face was up to. His entire ugly head was almost above ground now. Once he noticed her and shouted, “I’m going to get you little girl! You just wait and see!”

Maggie tried to tell Father about Dirt Face, but he laughed and told her she had an interesting imagination. She also tried to tell Mother, but she was busy cooking dinner and just ignored her. When she tried to bring it up at the dinner table her parents scolded her for talking with her mouth full. Poor Maggie couldn’t win.

She was sure that Evil Kyle and Stupid Pete were still alive. She heard Evil Kyle cry for help the day that Dirt Face ate Stupid Pete. All she had to do was figure out a way to rescue them. She would have to catch Dirt Face unaware.

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