The Defenders of Ravenwood

Here in Ravenwood, we are surrounded by monsters. There are the typical ones you don’t see, either because you choose not to or because you are too high status to mingle with them, or are one of them. There are also the ones that everyone sees, and knows exists.

They hide in the woods, the shadows, our homes. They are everywhere.

To combat this threat, both seen and unseen, the local government commissioned an elite force of hunters be established to track down these monsters. Local families volunteer for the honor of serving their city, repentant criminals join as a buffer before they are allowed to rejoin the workforce.

1 in 10 members of the Hunters dies in the line of duty, felled by the very monsters they are hunting. Those who survive often take trophies from their prey, some of which are considered valuable to the populace and are sold in the black market.

One common thing unites these Hunters: their knowledge of what goes bump in the night.

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