Conversations With Dad

“The world is bigger than you and I,” Martin put his arm around the young man. The teenager was shrugging off the moment his father was trying to create. The same thing happened when Henry came out as bisexual to Martin; his dad wanted to make a huge moment out of something that should have been addressed quickly. At least that’s how Henry saw it. “You know that Spider man saying, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’? Yeah well they stole that from our kind.”

“Dad, I get it—old black guys with supernatural powers started this whole craze. But what does that have to do with trying to be a servant of nature part time?”

Martin chuckled, “Son, that’s not the point.”

“I’m a pretty good telekinetic, Dad! I know you doubt me, really, but I’ve been practicing with David and—” Henry stopped talking. He was unsure how much his dad really wanted to hear about his boyfriend.

Martin’s face grew serious. The night sky grew darker.

“Once I get old enough, Henry, either you kill me—or I kill you.”

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