Rumors and Cold Facts

Each time the door opened, Carol pretended to be asleep, his arm curled around his tankard. Being in one of the lower cross spokes, the view of Hub towered over everything, looking like a giant fist raised to the sky.

Two men came in, talking loudly as if sound could diminish the cold. They paused to stamp their boots against the floor.

“Last night, Jarles made it back to the West gate before he was shredded, he went to go check on something strange in the trees. Apparently, whoever was on watch, didn’t let him back in.”

“Good. We all know the rules. You go outside, you take your risks, that’s what I say.”

“You wouldn’t if it was your sister.”

“Sara is smart enough to stay inside. Ain’t no reason to stray outside.”

“What if she was going to join up . . . as a Hunter?” He asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Remember that pregnant girl that got attacked, Rhea or something?”

“What about her?”

“Well, Sara took that to heart. Said she would learn to take care of stuff like that since no one else was helping."

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