Journey to The Center of Your Soul

Your parents call you out of bed
To tell you of a morbid dread.

Cooling blacks and
Soothing blues
to help numb up and block the news.

You tremble from your toes to head
and try to sort out what they’ve said:
You try to cry with heart of lead,
And try to scream – your tears unshed.

Rousing reds and
Velvet violets
to assist us into auto-pilot.

“You need to cry and need to mourn!
“You need to show the world you’re torn!
Why can’t you sob and look forlorn?
They say it’s what you should be doing
But there is nothing they can prove,
When they don’t see the colors you do.

Lucid greens and
Dulcid grays
To shield us from their wicked ways.

You run and hide inside your mind -
you think you’re safe if you act blind.
You build a wall to block them out -
You trap yourself within your doubt.

Mightful whites and
Mellow yellows
To save us from these hateful bellows.

Yhwh calls your soul away
and teaches you a better way.

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