The Run (9)

We descended, without pause and without chatter. We were met with the same view each turn down the stairwell. We had picked clean these floors over the last few months. The twenties, then into the teens we slowed. When I wheeled around and saw that 13 sign I paused.

“I want to take one more look guys.”

“Don, please, there is nothing back there. We have work to do.” Stu lamented. He turned to me, stepped back up and put his hand out. “Come, we have to move on to stay sane. Isn’t that right? Ed?” Ed came back with nothing but a shrug.

“We only have 6 more floors to scavenge Stu, then what?” started Ed, “What the fuck do we do then? Draw straws and start eating each other!?”

Stu reached a lightning quick, gloved hand up to cover Ed’s mouth and waved an authoritarian finger between us both. “It will come to that, I promise. You have no idea what starving humans will do. It will come down to that, but we will not be drawing straws boys.”

Just like that he turned and descended, we followed silently.

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