Mild Irritation

It’s there. It’s always there throbbing underneath my skin. I can no longer handle this…irritation that keeps eating away at my being. As I try to ignore the irritation, all I can do is become more trapped in the idea of escaping it! I must force it away.

The knife fits so well in my hand. This is wrong. But it feels so right. Who cares really? I’m simply exterminating one more parasite off the back of Mother Earth. After all, this woman’s demise will be my birth into pure bliss.

And there she sits; the perfect way to subdue me. The purest definition of beauty she is. Simply envisioning the knife gently open her skin begins to nudge the irritation out of its place. It’s itching. It’s aching. I must have her. OH GOD! Irritation, irritation, irritation. Her pain will soothe me; this blood of hers must make it stop.

As I swiftly approach her and slice that perfect flesh, all the torment ends. I’ve stolen this bitch’s life, and there is nothing anyone can do about it; peace has finally returned to me.

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